Irina Bubnova graduated from MHPI, with major in “Enviroment Design”. She received a diploma and exceptional praise from “Details”, one of the best design schools in Europe. After graduating from studio school, she continiued her education in the Lorenzo de Medici institute, based in Florence. At the present day she’s a highly demanded specialist, participant of TV projects and proffesional contests.

Her main activities are interior design and decoration, including furniture and various interior objects. Her unique style is formed from proffesional and responsible consideration of her client’s wishes, fresh look on various architectural forms and finesse approach to interior decorating. Good project is based on three main principles: location, look, and preferences of the client. The very core and purpose of a proffesional designer is to understand and bring to life requests and demands of the client. Finished work must be lively, elegant and unexpected.

Irina is not trying to create just another modern interior, but an amazing hybrid, in which both vintage and modern work in balance. Beauty must be soft and soothing, and home design must reflect that, so you can relax and forget about your worries.